A Full Portfolio of Integrated Ƶ Services

RigNet delivers integrated technology services to customers seeking a competitive advantage through digital transformation. From managed communications services, to industry-leading cybersecurity, to breakthrough machine learning analytics, RigNet enables businesses that rely on distributed operations to reach new peaks of performance.

Managed Comms

Managed Communications

Fully-Managed Voice
and Data Networks

We offer unparalleled communications infrastructure with satellite backhaul with L, C, Ka, and Ku bands, fiber, microwave and cellular with live monitoring and technical support 24/7/365 via RigNet’s global network operations team.

Fast, Reliable Coverage.
Anywhere You Need It.

Our global network provides redundant, reliable VSAT, L-Band, and Cellular coverage that enables both IP connectivity and networking capabilities in the most challenging remote environments.

Specialized, Unmatched,
Technical Support

RigNet’s Technical Services and Onsite Maintenance provides specialized telecoms support to global enterprises using our complete knowledge and command of telecom standards, requirements, licenses, and regulations.

Bring Complex Sites
Online. Securely.

RigNet has the broadest experience for integrating remote locations with ultra-secure, cost-effective data protection and applications that give you complete situational awareness.

Cybersecurity & Encryption

Cybersecurity and Encryption

Real-Time Monitoring and Protection

RigNet’s Operations Cyber Services, in conjunction with our Security Operation Center (SOC), is designed to provide real-time threat detection, network visualization and timely mitigating response using our advanced intrusion prevention tools.

Military-Grade Fully Managed Encryption

CyphreLink offers hardened security that reduces man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks and unauthorized eavesdropping, while expanding the abilities of an organization to leverage virtually any network efficiently and cost-effectively.

Securing Critical Data Anywhere

A fully-managed service that provides Global 360º data security protection for sensitive information transiting any network, CyphreLink, establishes encryption keys through a highly-secure connection between trusted endpoints.

IIoT & Apps

IIoT and Apps

IIoT Enablement, Enterprise and Enhancement

Our portfolio offers a range of connectivity solutions, real-time monitoring applications, and end-to-end ‘sensor-to-server’ services giving you greater visibility, control and situational awareness of our operations, anywhere in the world.

Advanced Applications For Greater Operational Insights

Our real-time monitoring application provides customers with a geo-mapping interface for viewing remote sites, giving you greater visibility and control of your operations, anywhere in the world.

Improve Operations with Advanced Video Solutions

We offer a comprehensive remote video intelligence system that delivers cost-efficient, high-quality video streams and analysis using ultra-low bandwidth.

Machine Learning Analytics

Machine Learning Analytics

Integrate and Collect

Our Intelie Live platform can capture every bit of data across your distributed assets whether oil platform operations to ship engines; in order to capture, process and analyze thousands of events per second in real-time.

Continuous Processing

Intelie Pipes, our proprietary real-time query language, and distributed in-memory analytics is the world’s most advanced processing engine. It is capable of analyzing hundreds of thousands of events per second using fewer computational resources.

Awareness, Action and Results

Intelie Live provides continuous monitoring and predictive analytics in order to deliver alerts with the information you need to prevent problems and foresee opportunities.

Scalable to Grow with Your Business

Intelie Live offers new types of integrations to support new query languages or data outputs that can be implemented as plugins - providing new ways to interact with your data.

Systems Integration

Systems Integration

Turnkey Telecommunications and Security Packages

Conceptual engineering and consultancy are a core competency. We develop the definition of the project’s telecommunication requirements and establish the criteria for achieving goals.

Best-In-Class Deployment of Communications Systems

Our team brings overwhelming experience in the deployment of vendor-agnostic communications systems during capital construction projects focused on global connectivity/systems integration.

Executing Globally and Delivering Locally

RigNet has a dedicated department of highly experienced project management teams for any project. Our project managers lead and handle both internal and external project scheduling, budgeting, and coordination.

World-Class Fire and Gas Safety Solutions

RigNet offers industry-leading fire and gas safety systems and equipment that can monitor and control both hazardous and nonhazardous sections of your facility and is certified to function in extremely challenging environmental conditions.